This page documents some miscellaneous setup regarding Findmyreviewers.

Travis CI

Due to our time constraint, Findmyreviewers does not have a complete testing suite yet. But at least Travis CI can help us to see if Findmyreviewers can be configurated correctly in a fresh and clean environment.

To setup Travis CI, you need to specify all the settings in the .travis.yml file in the root directory of the project. For Findmyreviewers, we tell Travis CI to follow our Installation guide and test if the web server is running without problem.

Go to Travis CI and login with your Github account. Simply turn on Travis CI for your repository and you are good to go.


Codacy is a code quality checker that can help you to evaluate your code quality and point out potential problems.

Go to Codacy and sign up with your Github account, turn it on for your repository, and you are good to go!